Obsolete Components


The Polysix is a great synthesizer. It has a very easy to use interface and for such a seemingly simple synthesizer, it can output a very rich, full and warm sound. Years ago, after hearing Polysix, I knew I had to get one. When Matt reluctantly decided to sell his Polysix, I didn’t hesitate for a second to buy it from him. Soon enough Matt acquired himself another Polysix. We have both used the Polysix in a lot of our music over the years. The Polysix was released in 1981 and MIDI did not really become the standard until a year later. With no MIDI we were forced to play the Polysix live or trigger it’s arpeggiator with another device. Not that this was a bad thing but, it did make it’s uses somewhat limiting. There are a few MIDI retrofits available for the Polysix (some better than others) however, most cost as much as a Polysix itself. There is also a DIY MIDI retrofit but, attempting to build one was a bit beyond my electronics skills. I found this website online and the gent who runs the site built us 2 for a very reasonable price and shipped them to me. We then ask our friend Dave to help us install them. Once installed, it gave the Polysix a much wider range of possibilities. We both agreed that we should write a track that was entirely based on Polysix sounds. The result is this track.