Obsolete Components

Scott Stanley Archive 3

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Into Winter  - recorded in 2000        
Written in my studio in Kensington Market.  I used an Emu Emax SEHD, Emax II, Kawai K3M, Casio FZ10 and Roland JX8P.  All recorded on VHS tape. 

Another Day – recorded in 2001
this was recorded at a music store that I used to work at.  I used a Waldorf Microwave XTK, Q, Pulse, Nord Lead, and a Novation Drum Station.  All recorded onto cassette.

Metrognomes - recorded in 2004 
Written in my Bloor St. studio.  I used a Roland SH-5, MKS-80Emax II, Korg Polysix, A3, SDD-1000

Unnatural Flavours - recorded in 2007 
Written in my Richmond St. studio.  One downfall to this studio is that it was very close to the CN Tower.  I constantly picked signals and noise from CBC.  One of the sounds in the song is literally a faint news broadcast that I sampled from my board and manipulated.  The basis of this track was mainly weird digital sounds.  I used an Emu e6400, Yamaha FS1R, Waldorf Microwave XTPulse, Jomox X-Base 09, circuit bent Roland TR-505 and SH-5.

Slow Grey Sunday – recorded in 2001
Recorded in the Kensington super studio.  This studio took over our entire living room and was a collection of some of the best synths from 4 people’s studios.  The title of this track is exactly what the day was.  It was raining and there was nothing to do but write music.  I used a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5, Roland Jupiter 8, TR-909, Ensoniq Mirage, Casio FZ10, Emu E4XT Ultra, and Yamaha E1010

Next Level – recorded in 2008             
This track was recorded in my Richmond St. studio.  I used a Korg EX8000Jomox X-Base 09, Sequential Circuits TOMWaldorf Microwave XTPulseRoland SH-5, Jupiter 6Emax IIe6400, Korg Polysix

Sounds Like You – recorded in 2004                 
Recorded in my Niagara St. studio. I used a Roland Jupiter 6, Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, Emu Emax IIe6400Waldorf Microwave XT, Korg A3 and SDD-1000.