Obsolete Components

repair – call it coincidence : wolfgang palm

For the technical side of this song, we choose to use Waldorf and PPG synths. Our drum kit was created with the Waldorf Blofeld which has been one of the newest additions to the Repair studio. It a pretty interesting little synth that can make a large array of sounds. All other synth sounds and bass sounds were created with Waldorf Microwave and PPG wave 2.2. These synths are known for their bizarrely evolving waveforms and warm filters.

The PPG and Waldorf synths have quite an interesting history. To this day their Wavetable synth engine is uniquely distinct and copied by many synth companies and plug ins. My fascination with Waldorf and PPG started in 1989. After seeing the PPG wave in keyboard magazine and seeing Depeche Mode use them on stage I wanted one. However finding one for cheap was difficult and they were rare machines. Finally, Waldorf released their Microwave rackmount. That was when i knew I had to have it. It was less than 1000 bucks so it was affordable. So I wrote waldorf and they sent me a stack of brochures. Included in those brochures was the Wave synthesizer…. A dream machine. To this day I still want one… A few years later when I was in college, I mustered up the cash to buy the microwave and still have it to this day. It continues to make interesting sounds that are warm, full and punchy sounding. Always a happy addition to any track.