Obsolete Components

OC V2 "Foraup"

When I was a young boy/man, I drove motorcycles. I had two Yamaha 125cc motocross off-road machines, and a 400cc road bike. I enjoyed the feeling of acceleration by being thrust through open space.
There was a feeling of solitude and peace, as I was so carefully wrapped in leather and plastic. When driving, I was enveloped in the rising and falling pitch of the engine vibrating through my skinny 16 year old body.
One day this solitude was interrupted by a minivan. Traffic had backed up considerably &, as I turned the corner, it had just begun to rain. I was an inexperienced rider and applied the brakes too quickly and began to slide on the newly slippery oil soaked pavement. In slow motion, I began to gently lay the bike on the road but not before rear ending the back of that minivan. The motorcycle fell to the left and the gas tank split my femur in half.
I was rescued by that poor minivan driver, and a group of military personnel, who happened to be driving behind me. They held my leg in place on the highway until the ambulance arrived. I was in shock, shivering and shaking. They saved my life. Right next to the femur there exists a large vein, which when severed by a splintered bone, can cause one to bleed to death within minutes.

I am pretty lucky.
These days I get my kicks in different ways.
love, Jakob
(Obsolete Components)

“Foraup” is being released as part of Obsolete Components 2nd techno music compilation “volume 2″ on November 28th 2011. Available on Itunes, Beatport, and What People Play.
All sounds derived from a Yamaha DX100 FM synthesizer, serial number #23160.