Obsolete Components


I got into modular synthesizers because I wanted to bypass the computer for music creation and sequencing and get hands on control of everything. I quickly realized that if I was to buy the modules pre-built I would never be able to afford a decent sized set-up, so I did a lot of reading and jumped head first into building them. The song Modular came to be when I invited Matt over to check out the build progress of my modular synth and, of course, to play around with it. The song was done in one take “live” using only the modular synth for all sequencing and sound sources and with a little help from a Roland Jupiter 4. Each sound was recorded to it’s own track in Pro-tools and later mixed and mastered at Matts studio. I used an assortment of modules ranging from an 808 style step (trigger) sequencer to a clone of a Moog 904a filter, along with some modules you can’t buy on the market premade including Tellun’s Neural Agonizer VC spring reverb and a heavily modded MOTM 440 filter that allows for 16 different filter types, very similar to the Oberheim Expander filter.