Obsolete Components

Matt Thibideau Archive 1

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night drive  - recorded in 2004       
this song was inspired by a drive on the autobahn from dusseldorf to cologne. ppg wave 2.2 was one of the main synths used here.

the slow club – recorded in 2001    
this was recorded along side of the cynosure “velvet blue” e.p. it gets it’s title from a club visited in the movie “fire walk with me” by david lynch.

sk-drone – recorded in 2008           
this song was created with several samples of a toy casio sk-5 sampler that was then resampled into my trusty emulator II. A few other synths were added for bass, extra chords, and percussion.

signals – recorded in 1998              
this song features samples I created on a hand held digital recorder (that died shortly after I used it on this one) of some random radio talk shows combined with secret recordings of my mother and aunt having a conversation. one sampler also featured in this piece is the ensoniq mirage.

mirrors – recorded in 2004              
this one meant to be the b-side to “night drive”. it was recorded during the repair “convenient arrangements” mix sessions.

sk-grain – recorded in 2008            
another experiment featuring samples created with the casio sk-5 and then sampled into the emulator II.

freeze – recorded in 2000                
recorded in the winter, I wanted it to capture the essence of a canadian snow storm.