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Mark Thibideau Archive 4

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October Afternoon - Fall 2004 
Composed on a sunny afternoon in October 2004. 
Gear used: main chord progression – Korg Monopoly, claves – Arp 2600, ringmod synth – Studio Electronics SE-, bassline – Oberhiem SE-1, drums – Akai MPC-1000, Boss DR-110
Tilta Whirl – May 2004 
This track was composed using mostly monophonic synths doing strange little noises.  The idea was to create the sound of a tilta whirl cart spinning around and making you dizzy.  
Gear Used: Korg 770, Mini Korg 2, Arp 2600, Oberhiem SEM, Moog Prodigy, Monopoly. SE-1, DR-110, TR-808, Akai S950,  Evenitide H3000 using its famous “Band Delay” … a rising filter sweep on delay feedback. 
Ignition -  Sept 2006 
Almost all the synth sounds in this track are the Emu Emulator III keyboard. Sounds were sampled from various sources around the studio. Waldorf Microwave and PPG Wave taking care of main chord stabs. Also most of the Drums in this are the Emulator.  Bassline is Dave Smith Evolver. 
Devices – 2001 
This was recorded around the time of the first sub-static release “B-Films”. The lead synth chords are ensoniq mirage.  Other synths on this Track include a pulsating sound on the Micromoog and Bassline from the Roland Jupiter 8. 
Jumbled Mass – 2004 
Gear used: hi hats DR-110, main drum loop – Roland TR-626 through Arp 2600, ringmod accents Moog Micromoog, bassline – Oberhiem SEM, pads - Prophet- 5.
Hiway 40 to Sarnia -  December 2006 
This track is about my experience as a kid driving down the Hiway 40 from my hometown Wallaceburg to Sarnia. In the evening you can see the factories all lit up. But the disturbing part of this experience is seeing these huge flames about the smoke stacks burning off toxic chemicals into the air.  The flames were so big they would light up the night’s sky. 
Gear Used : pads - Jupiter 8 through Eventide H3000, drums -  Emu Emulator 3 keyboard, Boss DR-110, bassline SE-1, Oberhiem SEM, main synth chord – Waldorf Microwave sampled into E3 , added bouncey synth at end- PPG wave 2.2