Obsolete Components

Key Maps : Dave Smith

Dave Smith is a brilliant engineer who helped develop many fundamentals of analog/digital synthesis and MIDI. He has designed some of the coolest sounding synthesizers to date and he continues to bring state of the art concepts the the electronic music world.

For this song we used only synthesizers that Dave Smith had a part in the design of:

Prophet 5, Prophet 2002, Prophet08, TOM an 2 Evolvers.

For the mix, each synth was programmed with it’s own sound and the Prophet 2002 sampler was used for most of the percussion sounds and some additional synth sounds (all samples were created with the other Dave Smith based synths). The Prophet 2002 is a great sounding sampler. At it’s lowest sampling rate it has a cool, grainy quality and it has a very rich resonant analog filter. However, our previous experience with the Prophet 2002 was limited, and since the sampler has only 512k of memory and can only hold a maximum of 16 sounds at one time, even with the user manual in hand, our experience was a lengthy, educational process. Once the sounds were created, they needed to be mapped properly across the keyboard. The process is actually pretty easy but, being such an early design… it’s not the most intuitive sampler out there so, it took some time to figure out. However, it did help us choose a song name.