Obsolete Components

Chrome Type II / High Bias

When Mark and I started our “Students” project, my computer was up on another floor of the house, so it was inconvienient to move it around when it was time to mix, so i plugged in the 4 track I had lying around. The more Mark and I used it, the more we loved what it did to our tracks, how the changes in level affected the Dolby noise reduction, how the sound of the kick drum changed with compression.

Since then I have picked up different cassette recorders to experiment with the different tonalities they impart on my mixes. These tracks were recorded to a Nakamichi cassette with Dolby C. I like this machine a lot. Matt and I did “High Bias” very quickly, we haven’t worked together on a track in a long time and it flowed very well. “Chrome Type II” was completed by me alone in the same fashion, using 3 samples from Mike Huckaby’s sample CD “My Life with the Wave”.
You can really hear the Dolby clamp down on the Emu Emax chord’s resonance, that was a mistake that i fell in love with.

This is the medium i listened to music on in my youth, and the sound of it brings back memories of sitting in the back seat of my parent’s car, with the walkman on providing the soundtrack to a world flying by.

When using a computer to make music, your brain is split in two, you are seeing the waveforms as well as hearing them. I am convinced this affects how you hear the music and definitley how you structure your arrangements. Stepping back away from the computer has made me appreciate devoting all of my brain to the music, and on a good day, getting lost in it.