Obsolete Components

(co)sine : echo as metaphor



port rev

produced by dan torrance & matt thibideau

copyright 2014-2015

The (Co)Sine project begun in early 2014 with the development and construction of synthesizer modules which would later be used to define the
raw, vintage sound that is (CO)Sine. Through the latter half of 2014, The (CO)Sine collaboration focused on studio work using the concept of
limitation as the core artistic driver. In juxtaposition to the modern recording experience, where possibilities are endless. all productions were written and mixed within in one or two studio sessions, all sounds were generated using modular or vintage equipment and no computers were used in productions, with the exception of recording final products.

Echo As Metaphor is the first offering from the (CO)Sine experiment. Portrait, Landscape Port Rev are defined by syncopated synth lines, thick melodic pads and raw untreated drums, creating nostalgic deep vibes that remain relevant in modern house and techno.

(CO)Sine is a collaboration between Dan Torrance and Matt Thibideau



Faux Fruit

Recoil Film Screening

Matt Thibideau – Live at Mutek 2012

Matt Thibideau’s live set from Mutek 2012 in Montreal.

Matt Thibideau Partial Video

Matt Thibideau / Partial / Obsolete Components
So Here is our Latest Offering From Matt Thibideau composed entirely on the Synclavier PSMT.
A Video for the track “Partial” created by Markus Heckmann using Touch Design.
The Music is available on Obsolete Components Volume II.
Available on Itunes, What People Play and Beatport.

Repair "Radio Talk" Video and EP Out Now

Video Filmed and Edited by Mass Transit Film in Toronto.

Mark Thibideau – Lag Time Generator Video